DC Suite

Main Features

Powerful Pattern CAD

  • The pattern data are directly input to the simulator within the same software.
  • Compatible with other CAD systems (via DXF).

Realistic Visualization of Fabric Surface

  • Real-time shaders for representative fabrics are provided including
    the cotton, silk, wool, velvet, satin, leather, vinyl, etc.
  • Many different texture effects are possible.
  • Texture (plain, twill), embroidery, etc. Various effects available.

Style Browser Capabilities

  • All the images (such as textiles, textures, shaders, stitches, buttons) and editing levels can be stored in one style layer.
  • Saving multiple style layers helps to coordinate in a variety of styles.

Upgraded Body

  • Every DC Suite body is equipped with 75 body landmarks and 60 size items which are marked/setup by human body experts.
  • By adopting the parameterized framework, the shape of the body can be controlled via 60 size items.
  • External bodies in OBJ format can be imported to the program.

Adding Miscellaneous Components

  • Can add the miscellaneous components including buttons, zippers, elastic bands/strings, pockets, belts, patches, ornamental stitches, ornamental attachments, shoulder pads, and petticoat.
  • Adding those elements can be done very easily, without calling for any particular preparation in the garment construction or simulation.

Upgraded Performance and User Convenience

  • By adopting multi-threading, the software runs fast.
  • By adopting 64-bit, virtually unlimited pattern and textile data can be used.
  • Can make a keyboard input window appear at any stage of operation right at the mouse position using the right mouse button.
  • Undoable/redoable in most menus.
  • Adopts floating window system; windows can be taken out and positioned anywhere; can be a very convenient feature when the user can afford multiple monitors.