What is Pio?

PIO Is a 3D Clothing Viewer.

  • You can put the garments created with DC Suite into PIO so that customers can examine them.
    Since it shows the garments on the 3D avatar, for the customers, PIO can function as a virtual fitting system.
  • PIO is software that runs on a computer. PIO is programmed such that it can be connected to a touch screen monitor to allow touch operation.

Touch. Put It On.

  • Since PIO adopts the 3D avatar and 3D clothing scheme, 360 degree turning and zooming in/out is possible in real-time. PIO is developed so that it fits to the vertical monitor.
  • If you select the male/female avatar and clothing, PIO shows the fitted result in 3D. If there are multiple styles for the garment (i.e., if the production company manufactures several versions of the garment with different fabrics and/or colors), PIO allows you to vary the style. For the garments/styles you like, PIO lets you take the snapshot of it for future references.
  • PIO equips menus that allow you to change the design details (e.g., color, fabric, etc.). Those features are not meaningful to the customers who are using PIO for purchasing the products (thus can be deleted if the vender requests). However, those features can be used as (1) a designing tool for the designers and/or (2) a presentation tool for the internal product planning meeting of a production company.