Education Support

Free Education Accompanying DC Suite Purchase

We provide free education of the SW to the individuals or the companies that purchase a professional version of DC Suite.
You can systematically learn the usage from the world experts of DC Suite.

Education Venue

1. In the Case of Company Version Purchase

  • Domestic: Free on-site education or education in the Physan, Inc. HQ
  • International: When the company purchased five or more copies, free on-site education or education in the Physan, Inc HQ. When the company purchased less than five copies, free education in the Physan, Inc. HQ. If the compnay supports travel expenses, on-site education is possible.

2. In the Case of Education Version Purchase

  • Utilize the free education sessions (e.g., Summer/Window Camps) held in Physan, Inc. HQ.

Duration of the Education

3 Days (6 hrs x3 days = 18hrs)

  • Upon request, the duration can be reduced to one or two days.

Contents of Education


Day 1

  • Introduction to Digital Clothing
  • Body Setup
  • 3D Draping
  • Textile Design

Day 2

  • Setting Physical Parameters
  • Real-time Rendering
  • Basics of 2D Pattern-making

Day 3

  • Creating Darts
  • Creating Pleats/Gathers
  • Manufacturing

Contact for Education

The above is for the education accompanying the purchase of DC Suite.
For formal curriculum education (three months or more) of Digital Clothing, visit